Diabscreen Kerala the prestigious diabetes awareness project of P.Kesavadev Trust headed by Dr Jothydev Kesavadev was launched in the year 1997. The Diabscreen Kerala team ushers various educational and awareness programs, training programs and treatment and prevention camps on lifestyle disorders and diabetes for the public at various geographical locations within the state as part of its social responsibility. The multidisciplinary team of doctors, dieticians, nurses, diabetes educators, pharmacists, psychologists etc. has completed more than 570 free diabetes awareness, detection and treatment camps and programs for the public across the 14 districts of Kerala and parts of India. The camps focus on interactive discussions on the prevention of lifestyle illnesses, various aspects of diabetes management, evading the complications of diabetes, significance of diet and exercise.

The activities include free anthropometric measurements and lab investigations, consultation by the team of doctors, dietitians, diabetes educators and psychologists and medications including insulin free of cost to the deserved. In every camp, the patients with diabetes are strictly instructed to continue treatment with their treating physician.

Besides, the Diabscreen Kerala team organizes geriatric programs to care for the elderly.