October 2-4, 2015: CAD 2015, Mumbai

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev lectured on the following topics in CAD Mumbai at Renaissance Marriott POWAI, Mumbai from 2-4 October 2015. On 2nd October Dr.Jothydev lectured on ‘Comprehensive glycemic control in type 2 DM with renal dysfunction’and on ‘Diagnosing Monogenic diabetes in India’.

He also lectured on ‘New CGM techniques Workshop..Case based discussion’ and ‘Insulin pumps practical aspects in Indian practices’. He was convenor at various workshops with Dr.Carine de Beaufort, Dr.Steeve Greene and Dr. Banshi Saboo.

He was also part of a Panel Discussion: Insulin Pumps in children, adults & in Pregnancy. CAD meeting by the Cardiovascular Society of India had main organizer as Dr.Shailaja Kale.
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