July 4, 2017: JDC Published the Largest Single Center
Study on P-CGM


This original research published from Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centers, Kerala is one of the largest single centre study evaluating the clinical utility of Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring (P-CGM) in type 2 diabetes.

A retrospective blinded evaluation of blood glucose control in 296 type 2 diabetes adults for 6 months following the use of a professional CGM revealed significant improvements in their glucose levels (HbA1c which represent 3-month average blood glucose). 91% of the patients were on some form of insulin treatment with OHA while 7% were on one or more OHAs without insulin.

Self-care behaviours such as self-monitoring of blood glucose were also found to be improved in patients who used P-CGM. The study showed that completely painless glucose monitoring, detailed glucose reports available, in-depth discussion with the diabetes-care team etc. which was possible with PCGM use, motivated the patients as well as helped them to achieve better diabetes control.

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