February 20 - 23, 2019: ATTD 2019| Berlin, Germany


Newer metrics to be included to measure diabetes outcomes, concludes the scientific experts gathered at the 12thInternational Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) 2019, Berlin, Germany.

Considering the rise in diabetes and associated complications at epidemic proportions, scientific experts at ATTD2019 reached at a consensus that in addition to the popular metric ‘HbA1c’, ‘Time in Range’ should also be included as a new metric to measure the glucose control. ‘Time in Range’ is the percentage of time that glucose levels of the individuals are in low, target and high ranges. Suboptimal glucose control i.e. glucose levels above 200 mg/dL and below 60 mg/dL can lead to highly serious consequences including in the brain. Therefore, maintaining an optimal glucose control is always recommended and kids with type 1 diabetes require much closer attention in this regard.

Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev and his team from Kerala presented their original research and participated in the associated discussions during the four-day ATTD 2019 Congress. The abstracts included Harnessing the Power Of Social Media for a Structured and Instant Intervention, Education And Counselling In Type 1 Diabetes, and ‘Assessing The Utility Of A Relatively Painless Lancing Device In Improving The Adherence To Self-Monitoring Of Blood Glucose.’ ATTD congresses conducted in Europe since the past twelve years are so versatile in that, the updates regarding newer developments occurring in the field of diabetes care, especially the latest available or soon to be launched diabetes technologies are always unveiled during these events.

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