January 7,2018: Diabscreen Kerala Free Camp at Chembur, Mumbai


Diabscreen Kerala free diabetes awareness, screening cum treatment camp was organised by P Kesavadev Trust in association with Sreenarayana Mandira Samithi (SNMS), Chembur, Mumbai on 7 January 2018. The one day camp was conducted at SNMS building, Chembur and Sri. Salim Kumar (Gen. Secretary, SNMS) welcomed the gathering. P. Kesavadev Trust Diabscreen Kerala volunteers including Dr.Arun Shankar,Geethu Sanal, Gopika Krishnan from Trivandrum under the guidance of Dr Jothydev Kesavadev provided the public with diabetes awareness classes as well as free diabetes screening and treatment consultations. During his talk, Dr.Jothydev opined that apart from taking necessary precautions to prevent the onset of the disease, it is equally important to undertake a comprehensive treatment care approach once the disease is diagnosed. If the disease is left uncontrolled, it can later on lead to the development of associated complications like high blood pressure, kidney diseases etc. in the majority of patients. The diabetes awareness education classes conducted during the camp emphasised on the various possible measures that could be undertaken to safeguard against the disease onset, as well as, on the effective ways to prevent the development of further complications upon disease onset. Free lunch and consultation and medications were provided. Hari Prasad coordinated the camp. SNMS organising committee members Sri. Mohandas (Vice Chairman, SNMS), Sri. Chandrababu (Convenor, Gurudevagiri Committee) etc. also participated

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