November 22 to 25 2018: RSSDI 2018: Ahmedabad, Gujarat


44th Annual Meeting of RSSDI took place at Gujarat University Convention and Exhibition Centre, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. JDC had 10 assignments at RSSDI. Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev spoke on ‘Current Technologies in Diabetes Management, AGP-a novel tool to personalise diabetes management for each patient, Dexcom-real time CGM’. Dr.Jothydev chaired a session ‘Mixed Bag’ along with Dr.H.B Chandalia. He was also part of the Consensus CGM Recommendations’ release followed by a panel discussion. He was also interviewed for expert opinion at RSSDI.

Dr.Arun Shankar lectured on Basic information on pump and indication and Dr.Rohit Warrier spoke on Closed Loop Pump System - Future Treatment for Diabetes. Gopika Krishnan spoke on Funding opportunities for research projects.Geethu Sanal spoke at the Prof. B. B. Tripathi Symposium on ‘Dietary Carbohydrate Consumption in Diabetes Patients and Normal Individuals" -Data from South India’. The team also presented 2 posters namely Indications For iDegLira In Indian Clinical Practice- Insights Gained From Our Experience and Utility Of The First Generation Artificial Pancreas And The Factors Influencing The Frequency Of Sensor Use: An Indian Real-World Data.

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