November 17, 2019: Launch of “Diabesties”


It was a joyous and proud moment for the teens gathered at the type 1 diabetes get together organized by Jothydev's Diabetes Hospital and Research Centre, Trivandrum when the formation of 'Diabesties' Kerala Chapter was announced by Head of Diabesties Kerala Chapter Ms. Indu Thampy, former Miss Kerala, actress, and a type 1 by herself. 

'Diabesties' is an initiative to make type 1 diabetes into a fun, motivating lifestyle with supportive meets, youtube videos, tips and tricks, blog posts and events. Members of Diabesties who are mostly above the age of 16 believe that type 1 diabetes can be glamorous and positive and strives for a happy healthy normal life with type 1 diabetes. 'Diabesties' was founded by Miss. Jazz Sethi, a celebrity dancer (daughter of Geet Sethi, Billiards player) and an advocate of type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 13, which according to her, became a turning point in her life. Indu Thampy, Maneesh Venjramood, Anandu Rajan, parents of type 1 kids etc. shared their experiences living with and managing type 1 diabetes.

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