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  Novo Nordisk Education Program April 30, 2004  

Speech at Novo Nordisk Education/Mega Exhibition at Trivandrum. Dr.Gopinath Sunil, Florida, USA(www.sunilclinic.com) and Jothydev spoke to a crowd of diabetes patients. There were a couple of questions on burning pain feet.At least 10 patients approached the doctors with blood sugar reports all of them above 300mg%.

One selected question and answer:

Qtn:My blood sugar value was 310mg% last week. Yesterday it was 450mg%. Today when I did it here it is only 245mg%. I have not changed my medications. What is the reason?

Dr.Sunil: Blood sugar values changes every second. When you look at blood sugar value at 10.00 it will be different from the value at 10.15.Patients should be using the glucometer and should discuss with the doctor to attain normal values round the clock. Medications should be adjusted accordingly. Jothydev: Patients may have the false belief that the tablets or insulins will take care of their diabetes. However 90% of the patients on daily medications will have values not reaching targets and they will end up with all complications due to unawareness of managing glycemia round he clock.

The key to sucessfull diabetes management are patient education and self monitering of blood glucose.

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