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Patients all over the world can use this page for sending your questions on diabetes, asthma and geriatric illnesses.
Registered Patients
Dr.Christopher Saudek, Director Johns Hopkins Diabetes Center, Baltimore, USA (American Diabetes Association President 2002) during his visit to India was with Diabscreen Kerala for 2 hours on Feb. 03, 2006 from 4.00 pm IST. Dr CD Saudek made a fantastic lecture........ more
Aug 19, 2006: Physicians Club, Nagercoil; Talk by Jothydev on
" Impact of A1c lowering on diabetes outcomes"

Dr Jothydev Kesavadev was invited as guest speaker to talk on impact of A1c lowering on diabetes outcomes. Dr V. Vincent MD, FRCP introduced Jothydev to the physicians of Nagarcoil. He recalled the great works of late P. Kesavadev and also appreciated the activities of Diabscreen Kerala ( project of P. Kesavadev Trust) in its campaign against diabetes and obesity. Senior physician Dr Raja Paul was also present among the 40 of the other doctors.

Question and Answer

Qn: Ultra lente used to be the long acting insulin very useful in clinical practice. Isn't for commercial reasons it is widrawn from the market?

Jothydev: I too partly agree with your statement. However, ultra lente being a long acting insulin is not a basal insulin of right choice;unlike levemir or Lantus which does not peak. Self monitoring of blood glucose
with a standard glucometer is absolutely mandatory while using ultra lente so as to prevent life threatening episodes of hypoglycemia expecially during sleep. In India self monitoring is seldom practiced, except patients undergoing management at certain specialitycenters. This probably could be a valid reason while ultra lente bacame unpopular.

Qn:How much insulin is produced from a normal human pancreas everyday?

Jothydev: A normal pancreas secretes into the portal system about 25 unit of insulin daily, half of which is used by the liver before it reaches the systemic circulation. Glucose homeostasis is achieved by basal and post prandial insulin secretion.

The total amount of insulin secreted however depends on blood glucose values, insulin sensitivity, exercise and dietary intake

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