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Patients all over the world can use this page for sending your questions on diabetes, asthma and geriatric illnesses.
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Asianet Suprabhatham Aug 22,05

Asianet suprabhatham health programme has got a global viewer ship. This programme provides an opportunity for the public to clear their doubts on any topic related to health and disease. Diabscreen PRO Pradeep Kannamoola was also a guest. Seen in the picture are Vivek Krishnan and Dr Manoj in conversation with Jothydev and Pradeep Kannammoola.

One question and answer

What is a normal blood sugar in those without diabetes?

Normally when blood sugar is measured early morning after 8 hrs fasting it should be below 100mg%. Plasma sugar 2 hrs after food is less than 140mg%. In those patients with diabetes the normal blood sugars to be achieved while on treatment is decided by the diabetologist based on age, duration diabetes, other associated illnesses, educational status, frequency of self-monitoring etc.

Question. Dr Vivek Krishnan

If somebody desires to conduct a Diabscreen awareness programme in a school, what is the procedure?

Answer- Pradeep Kannamoola: My telephone number is 0471-2447811, 9847558230. School and College diabetes prevention programs are a top priority for us, considering the scope for prevention. Please contact us and it is carried out free of cost.

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