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  Allapuzha Diabscreen Camp at Chengannoor Pensioners Bhavan on December 18, 2004

Pensioner’s Cooperative Society, Pensioners Union and P.Kesavadev Trust jointly organised a free diabetes education and treatment camp at Pensioners Bhavan, Chengannoor. KSSPU, Chengannoor block secretary Madhavan Nair, President M.K.Sudhakara Pannickar and Secretary,
M.K Nanappan participated.

Diabscreen team members
Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Sunitha Jothydev, Dr.Shabeer. A.Rasheed,Jayasree Lally and Pradeep Kannammoola took classes for the masses. More than 200 patients received free medications

One Question and Answer

Que : I tested my blood sugar here and it is
425 mg%.I took 40 units of insulin and tested again after 2 hours. It is 355. According to your speech, you said that the average blood sugar should be around 140mg%. But all my friends and myself always have blood sugar around 250mg%.Why is it so?

Jothydev : In our diabetes camps at different areas in Kerala, I have observed that as high as 92% of diabetes patients on medications have unacceptably high blood sugar values and ultimately develop all complications. A very thorough evaluation, careful titration with various drugs combined with diet and exercise will help all patients reach those targets. In this modern era though treatment is expensive, we can very easily reach normal sugar values.


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