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  ..What is Diabscreen Kerala?

February , 2005

Diabscreen Kerala is a major diabetes awareness project of P.Kesavadev Trust. The Diabscreen Kerala team headed by Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev is conducting diabetes awareness, prevention and treatment programs at various geographical locations in collaboration with regional organizations.

Dr.Jothydev has been conducting awareness programs since 1997.However after completing his training as an Endocrinology fellow at Mayo Clinic, USA, in dec 2003,he decided to come back to India and move in a more organised pattern. From the experience and training, received from the world class Mayo Clinic, Dr.Jothydev's desire is to bring a world class comprehensive diabetes care to the ailing patients in India described as the diabetes capital of the world.

Diabscreen Kerala has conducted more than 310 awareness camps/ programs.We conduct prevention and awareness programs in schools, colleges, also via visual and print media, detection camps etc., In this website, we are publishing pictures, videos and descriptions of some selected events. Our ultimate aim is to promote healthy living styles, generate awareness on intensive diabetic management, how to prevent the devastating complications of diabetes and assure a trouble free life in old age for all diabetes patients. (Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev and Sunitha Jothydev) sunithajothydev@yahoo.com

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Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev,
Diabscreen Kerala
Sunitha Jothydev
Executive director
Diabscreen Kerala
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