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Patients all over the world can use this page for sending your questions on diabetes, asthma and geriatric illnesses.
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Diabscreen Doctors CME-January 13th, 2006

187 th Diabscreen Kerala Program (project of P.Kesavadev Trust) was conducted at Hotel South Park. The world famous historian Dr KN Panikkar inaugurated the Diabscreen Doctors' Forum, the first of its kind where doctors beginning from general practice(80% of patients are being treated by the general
practitioner and they are the well experienced ones managing all
complications and emergencies) to all specialties came together for sharing
there experiences, discuss and to do research on diabetes. These types of
forums will eliminate communication barriers between various medical and
surgical specialties so that diabetes and the management of its complications will become more fruitful and the observations made by the group will ultimately turn out to be very beneficial to the community as a whole.

The CME was chaired by famous ophthalmologist Dr Susheela Prabhakaran. Dr. Abhilash V Jacob spoke of periodontal disease (dental) in diabetes. Dr . Jothydev delivered lecture on selection of oral hypoglycemic agents and 2006 American Diabetes Association Clinical Guidelines. Adrian Gut from Medtronic spoke or insulin pumps and CGMS. More than 100 doctors from various specialties attended. Dr.Manoj Kumar(orthopedics), Dr.Saravanakumar (Gynaecologist), Dr.Arjun (Chest Physician), Dr.Madhu Sreedhar (Cardiologist), Dr.Beena Aswin (Nephrologist) , Dr.Gopalakrishnan
Nair (Pathologist) , Dr.Balachandran (Physician), Dr.Ajith(Nuclear Medicine),
Dr.Jacob John (Physician), Dr.Sajith (Physician and cardilologist), Dr.Sajith
Mohan, Dr.Noble Gracious(Diabetologist), Dr.M John (Poonthura) , Dr.M J Wills
(Wills Hospital) were some of them. The programme was partly supported by an educational grant from Glaxo SmithKline

One selected Question and Answer

What is the treatment of LADA? (question by a House Surgeon)

Answer by Dr Jothydev:

LADA is Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults. This is sometimes called 1.5 diabetes. Though type-1 in nature patients are usually above 25 years of age. They are lean and antibodies are positive and usually required insulin injections for sustaining life. Initially there will be some beta cell reserve. Whatever be the type of diabetes the aim of treatment should be to achieve the targets of good metabolic control.

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