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  Punnakkamugal Diabscreen Camp, January 26,2005 at NSS Karayogam Office

Devi Vilasom NSS Karayogam, Punnakkamugal with P.Kesavadev Trust conducted a free diabetes awareness and treatment camp for 106 patients. Shri.BVijayakumar MLA inaugurated the diabetes awareness and treatment camp. Diabscreen Kerala members spoke on various subjects. NSS Karayogam secretary A.Kesavan Thampy welcomed the gathering. Joint secretary K.Vilochanan Nair offered vote of thanks.

After the inauguration Dr.Jothydev and Shri.B.Vijayakumar MLA lead a walk symbolizing the significance of daily exercise in the prevention of diabetes and its devastating complications.

One selected question and answer

Que: Are fruits advisable for diabetes patients?

Jothydev: Fruits and vegetables are commonly promoted as healthy food habits. However patients with uncontrolled diabetes experience high glucose levels after intake of fruits. In our experience with patients in Kerala and with local fruits when monitored with the help of glucometers, majority of them reported high glucose levels with common fruits. Individual to individual variation is observed when followed up with self monitoring of blood glucose and consumption of same food. In patients on intensive metabolic control, and glucometer follow up, we advice oranges, apples etc after post meal blood glucose values are as below 130mg%. Any sugar or any fruit can be consumed by diabetes patients, provided patients are taken care of by a trained Diabetologist and is used to monitoring blood glucose with his own glucometer.


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