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Patients all over the world can use this page for sending your questions on diabetes, asthma and geriatric illnesses.
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Dr.M S Valiathan talks to Dr.Jothydev:Health and Medical Education in Kerala
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Jan 26, 07: Peyad Residents Association: Annual meet

Dr.Jothydev inaugurated the annual meeting and delivered a speech followed
by diabetes awareness interactive lecture. More than 500 residents participated.Awards were also distributed to winners of various arts, literary and other competitions. Sasidaran Nair(Secretary), K G James(President), MR Krishnankutty Nair (Gen Secretary) also spoke. JDC PRO Benjamin offered vote of thanks.

One selected question and Answer:


Why diabetes is selectively affecting the lower limb?

Answer by Dr. Jothydev

It is now proven that diabetes is now responsible for loss of one leg in every 30 seconds, which is an alarming situation!!! These amputations are the result of diabetes foot disease.Strict control of blood sugar combined with the use of newer diagnostic methods like Vibrometry, MF tests, Vascular doppler etc., will help identify high risk foot so that preventive measures can be undertaken well ahead of time.


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