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  Pothencode Diabscreen Camp, January 29, 2005 at UP School, Pothencode

Kazhakuttam MLA, Shri.M.A.Waheed inaugurated the patient awareness workshop on Diabetes jointly organised by Kudumbasree unit and P.Kesavadev Trust. Under the leadership of Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, classes were conducted by Diabscreen team members Dr..Devin Prabhakar, Sunitha Jothydev, Dr.Reshmi, Sreejith P.Nair, Pradeep Kannammoola and Jayasreelally. The program was organised in connection with Puliveedu Kudumbasree anniversary. Panchayat president Smt.J.Sulochana, secretary V.Santharam, ward member, M.Balamurali etc spoke.

The team members examined more than 100 patients and distributed medicines free of cost.
M.A.Waheed MLA in his speech said that, a year ago he was diagnosed to have diabetes and started medicines based on a false laboratory result. He stressed the urgent need for intensive awareness programs like this since diabetes has become the most serious illness in the whole of Kerala.

One selected question and answer

Que: Can Asthma medicines cause diabetes? We have no family history of diabetes, but my son developed it at the age of 25 years while on treatment for asthma with betnelan and Deriphylline daily.

Jothydev: Drug induced diabetes used to be very common in the past. Steroids when taken orally and as injections are life saving in some critical situations. But these medications are never advised for long term use. At least 30% of diabetes is secondary to use of drugs by patients without consulting the doctors .Very efficient and safe inhalers like Salmeterol, Fluticasone etc have revolutionized the treatment of Asthma. Drug induced diabetes may sometimes require Insulins. In some cases diabetes will disappear over a period of several months when modern inhaler medicines are used for asthma instead of oral medications.


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