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Patients all over the world can use this page for sending your questions on diabetes, asthma and geriatric illnesses.
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Dr.Christopher Saudek, Director Johns Hopkins Diabetes Center, Baltimore, USA (American Diabetes Association President 2002) during his visit to India was with Diabscreen Kerala for 2 hours on Feb. 03, 2006 from 4.00 pm IST. Dr CD Saudek made a fantastic lecture........ more
July 22, 2006; Dr.C S Yajnik in Trivandrum

Dr.C S Yajnik the world renowned research diabetologist visited Trivandrum
as the guest of of Diabscreen Kerala on July 22. He attended a press and public meet at Press Club, Trivandrum in the morning.Former Indian Ambassador T P Sreenivasan inaugurated and Jothydev chaired the interactive session. K.K Koshy(Kuwait), Dr.P V S Namboodirippad (former Chairman of Hindustan Latex and world renowned management expert), KPP Unnithan(Hon President,Pensioners Asociation), Mr.Amit Misra(General Manager, BSNL) media officials etc., participated.

Dr.Yajnik spoke on his original research findings of observing more fat content in the body of Asian Indians when compared to Europeans. Inspite of being lean, Indians are at a higher risk of developing diabetes.Europeans have higher bone and skeletal muscle mass and less of body fat.

Pure vegeterians are at the risk of developing Vitamin B12 deficiency. Folic
acid supplementation for pregnant ladies are of questionable value. Yajnik answered to the several querries of the public and press. Also Diabscreen organised a CME for doctors in the evening.


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