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Diabscreen CME for Doctors at Residency Towers, July 30, 2005

Continuing Medical Education program for doctors was inaugurated by Former Indian Ambassador Mr.T.P.Sreenivasan on behalf of Diabscreen Kerala,P.Kesavadev Trust. Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Diabetologist and Dr.Suresh K, Cardiologist spoke on sensitizers in the management of diabetes, insulin pump therapy and treatment of heart attacks in diabetes,chaired by Dr.Madhusudhanan, Prof of Medicine.

Mr.T.P.Sreenivasan in his inaugural speech stressed the significance of imbibing new knowledge for the treatment and prevention of diabetes which has become the major killer of this century.He said that the doctors should actively work in the society creating awareness among the lay man on the prevention of life style illnesses.

Dr. Suresh spoke on enormously high prevalence of heart attacks in diabetes patients. The recommendation is to treat any diabetes patient as coronary equivalent which means that steps should be taken in the treatment to prevent a second heart attack assuming that all diabetes patients should be considered as already having a cardiac problem. Dr. Suresh said that in the treatment of heart attacks, though bypass surgeries have its own risks in diabetes, it is still the best intervention. However certain studies have proved that angioplasty is also good in a subset of patients..

Dr.Jothydev spoke on the management of diabetes with insulin sensitizers. Pioglitazone and Rosiglitazone termed as TZDs have revolutionized the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It is now proven scientifically that these group of drugs instead of simply stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin acts on the fat tissue and pancreatic beta cells making insulin more sensitive, leading to regeneration of beta cells. This discovery will probably help in halting the progression of type 2 diabetes and total avoidance of insulin injections in future. With the invention of new medications blood sugar management has now reached a situation in which the treating diabetes team can set certain goals and can easily achieve them working with the patient and the care taker.

This CME was the 131st Diabscreen, diabetes awareness program conducted by P.Kesavadev Trust in Kerala.

More than 60 doctors from various specialties actively participated in the discussion.

kaumudi, aug2m05
Former Indian Ambassador Shri.T.P.Sreenivasan
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