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Dr.M S Valiathan talks to Dr.Jothydev:Health and Medical Education in Kerala
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June 22 to 26, 2007: American Diabetes Association, Chicago, USA

American Diabetes Association was started by a group of physicians in New York City in the 1940s for the purpose of having an annual medical meeting on diabetes.Now it has become the last word in diabetes and the prime scientific body where all innovations in diabetes are discussed. This year the 67th scientific sessions took place in Chicago.More than 16,000 health care professionals attended ADA this year.ADA is the biggest scientific convention on diabetes in the world attended upon by doctors and scientists from all over the globe to discuss and decide on improving care in diabetes.From Jothydev's Diabetes Center, we had two research papers approved by ADA this year.Jothydev was accompanied by his wife Sunitha Jothydev.

Visit the following American Diabetes Association web sites to read the abstracts.

1. http://professional.

2. http://professional.

ADA Conference Hall
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