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Patients all over the world can use this page for sending your questions on diabetes, asthma and geriatric illnesses.
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Dr.M S Valiathan talks to Dr.Jothydev:Health and Medical Education in Kerala
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June 5, 07: CME CALICUT

Calicut Forum for Diabetes is an academic organisation of doctors which meets monthly to discuss on diabetes related topics.Dr.Jothydev was invited to talk on "Pre Diabetes".Dr.Ahamed, senior doctor from National Hospital
introduced the guest speaker.Dr.Abdul Majeed (President, CFD)was the chairperson.Dr.Vijayagopalan (Secretary) welcomed the gathering.Dr.Bhagyanath (MIMS Hospital) along with Dr.Chandini (Asst. Prof,Medical College, Calicut) handed over the memento to Jothydev.After the hour long CME lecture there was a 30 mts long interactive discussion and hot debate on the topic.More than 50 physicians participated.

One selected question and Answer:

Do you believe that drugs should be used for prevention of diabetes?

Answer by Jothydev:

Honestly speaking NO.However WHO has predicted 150% increase in diabetes
incidence in India by 2030.It is hard to change the behaviour of human beings.The speed at which"diabetes epidemic" is spreading across Indian subcontinent is shocking to the whole world.All major trials DPP, DPS, Indian DPP, TRIPOD, STOP NIDDM,etc., have underscored the importance of Intense Life Style modifications in the prevention of progression of prediabetes to diabetes.However if some body fails to attain desirable weight loss and have got major risk factors the physician is fully justifiable to start pharmacotherapy considering the cost effectiveness of this modality in the long term.Metformin, Acarbose, Rosiglitazone(now Avandia has become a controversial drug after the publication of data on 43% increased heart attack risk by Dr.Steven Nissen and his group in NEJM on May 21, 2007), Rimonabant etc., are all good for
prevention considering individual benefits and risks associated with each intervention.

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