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  Diabetes screening, education and treatment program, Kochi March 13, 2004

Program was organised by Visala Kochi kudivalla kshema Samithi and Chavara Cultural Centre.The program was inaugurated by Prof.M.K Sanu and presided over by Shri.Sheo Paul, Angamali, Municipal Chairman.Father James welcomed the gathering and Baby Thomas offered vote of thanks.

Sanu master encouraged young doctors and paramedicals to be in this area to promote the concept of active aging.Sheo paul reminded the importance of exercise in diabetes which has the same action on blood sugar as drugs.

The team from Trivandrum on behalf of All Kerala Diabetes screening, education and tratment program- "DIABSCREEN KERALA" a project of P.Kesavadev Trust consisted of Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Dr.Sameer Badarudeen, Dr.Shabeer, Sunitha Jothydev, Jayasree and Pradeep.

Diabetes has become a major disabling illness in old age.India is the global capital of diabetes with maximum number of patients in the whole world.If modern and safe protocols of therapy are accepted with daily exercise and dietary regulations followed, all the deadly complications of diabetes can be prevented.A decade ago it was thought that numbness of feet, heart attacks, strokes, kidney diseases etc., are part of diabetes and are inevitable.However now things have changed.

Dr.Sameer spoke on foot care in diabetes.He gave guidelines on how to cut the nails and wear proper foot wear.The aim should be to avoid foot ulcers, numbness and amputations.

Apart from screening and treatment, the doctors conducted a two hour interactive session with patients and public answering to their questions.

The aim of this education and awareness generation is to promote active aging and disability free old age.


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