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  Diabetes patient Education,
March 28, 2004
Adv VG Govindan Nair,jothydev, Dr.Devin Prabhakar
demo of treadmill by Rajeev, Pulse fitness

devin prabhakar.dr demonstrating eye diseases in diabetes

pradeep kannamoola(PRO), Jayasree(nurse) , jothydev and team

Diabetes patient Education Program was conducted this time at Hotel Regency, Thampanoor.

This program is meant for those on intensive management. Around 70 participants were there which included 45 patients registered in this clinic. The audience consisted of patients, their relatives, friends and a few guests.The famous lawyer, Shri.V.G Govindan Nair inaugurated the education program.He highlighted on the importance of maintaining health and happiness in life.

Dr.Devin Prabhakar, the ophthalmologist spoke on the three main complications of diabetes on the eye namely cataract, glaucoma and retinopathy.In the case of glaucoma the treatment is very easy and simple but if it is detected late, vision will be irrecoverably lost.The pateints should see the eye doctor at least once in an year, even in the absence of any symptoms.

Dr.Jothydev spoke on the need for self monitering of blood glucose.90% of the patients who attended today's program are on insulin.All pateints are supposed to report values through the telephone or e mail or fax.They can also make use of the online reporting page in this web site.

Tips for reducing the pain of insulin injection:

1.Do not take injection when insulin is very cold, immediately taken out from the refrigerator.
2.Use pen and cartridges instead of syringes
3.Don't wipe the needle with spirit, since silicon coating will be removed.
4.replace with fresh needles frequently
5.always take injection yourself
6.penetrate quickly

Rajeev, of Pulse fitness spoke on aerobic exercise and use of automatic treadmill exercise machines.

Both Jothydev and Dr.Devin answered to the querries of the patients.All participants were provided free breakfast and free fasting and postprandial blood sugar examinations.The average fasting sugar value of patients on intensive management in this clinic were 112mg% and 2 hour postprandial were 134mg%.

The program was conducted on behalf of "DIABSCREEN" a project of P.Kesavadev Trust

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