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  IMA pathanamthitta, May 22, 2004

IMA Pathanamthitta branch along with Giga medicals organised a CME on "Diabetes Management in 2004". Around 100 doctors from various specialities participated in this 2 hour long CME program. George Varughese, MD of Giga Medicals welcomed the gathering and coordinated the entire event. Dr.M.J Varghese(president IMA) and Dr.Abraham (Secretary) and other executive members were present. The chief guest, Dr.Jothydev spoke on the topic.At the end there was a discussion for half hour.

One selected question and answer:

1. How safe are the artificial sweeteners now available in the market?


Jothydev: I will better quote from the new edition of Davidson: Artificial sweeteners are safe and widely used all over the world. They are low in calories and free of adverse effects. Sugar free drinks with these sweeteners are also safe. Some examples are Saccharin, Aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet), Sucralose(Splenda), neotame and acesulphame K.

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