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Patients all over the world can use this page for sending your questions on diabetes, asthma and geriatric illnesses.
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On September 11, 2005 a package-
A get together of new patients was arranged at Residency Hotel, Trivandrum. Asianet Vice President Sreekantan Nair inaugurated the Diabetes Education Programme. Akashavani news fame Ramachandran presided over. Both the guests said that though they are not having diabetes, they know the importance of this major illness and are more than happy to get associated with such preventive programmes. On behalf of P. Kesavadev Trust both breakfast and lunch was arranged for around 100 participants. Under the leadership of Dr Jothydev a five-hour interactive educational programme was conducted. Dr Abhilash.V.Jacob, Dr. Devin Prabhakar, Sunitha Jothydev, Dr Reshmi, Dr Shabeer.A.Rasheed, Sreejith Nayar, Pradeep Kannammoola etc spoke. Onam variety entertainments were lead by Pradeep Kannamoola. As usual a diabetes quiz was organized and the famous journalist T.K.Devasia distributed the gifts.
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