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Patients all over the world can use this page for sending your questions on diabetes, asthma and geriatric illnesses.
Registered Patients
Dr.Christopher Saudek, Director Johns Hopkins Diabetes Center, Baltimore, USA (American Diabetes Association President 2002) during his visit to India was with Diabscreen Kerala for 2 hours on Feb. 03, 2006 from 4.00 pm IST. Dr CD Saudek made a fantastic lecture........ more
Sep 15, 2006: CME talk: Pariyaram Medical College, Kannur

Dr.Jothydev spoke to students and staff at Pariyaram Medical College, on"New frontiers in Diabetes Management" Dr.Bhaskaran Introduced the speaker. Shri. Krishnan Nair, Shri.Damodharan(PRO) seen in the picture.Dr.Saraladevi, Head of dept of Medicine was also present. The students had a open interaction with Jothydev at the end of the 1.30 hrs lecture.

One question and answer:

What is the cost of insulin pumps?

Jothydev: The cost of pumps with us is less compared to that in USA. Only Rs.1,75,000. This is cheaper than in the country it is manufactured!!! In India refurbished pumps are available at lesser costs, but I prefer Paradigm pumps only.
Monthly expenses will be an extra Rs.4500 for the change of infusion set every 3 days. There is an amazing improvement in the quality of life of pumpers both in Type 1 and in Type 2 diabetes.

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