August 28, 2009: Insulin Pump Workshop, JDC
Dr.Muneer, MBBS, Ex.Minister inaugurated the Department of Insulin Pumps and CGM at Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Center. (He was deployed with Pump more than 4 years ago by Jothydev) Along with him more than 20 subjects on Pumps, all deployed at JDC more than 3 to 4 years back were also present. S.Krishnakumar (ex.Central Minister), Dr.PVS Namboothiripad, Gopalakrishnan Nair(Anoop hair Oil) etc., etc., were among those who attended the advanced pump workshop later at the New JDC Mini Hall, also inaugurated by Dr.Muneer. Jayapalan. A (Director of Operations, JDC) welcomed.Suresh Babu(Director, JDC), Sunitha Jothydev (Director, JDC) seen along with Dr.Muneer. Speakers at the Pump workshop included Jothydev, JDC Dietitians Neethu Annie Simon (bolus wizard), Geethu Sanal (carb counting, Renal disease and diet..). Dr.Arun Shankar (JDC, Consultant) gave a detailed account on Pump Follow up.. Medtronic Country Head, Paul Amirtharaj also seen offering felicitations. Breakfast, snacks, and Onam lunch were part of the free workshop.Also seen in the pictures are JDC staffs, DTMS officer Jayasreelally, Bindu, Aneesa
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