January 11, 2009 Hotel Maurya Rajadhani, Statue,Trivandrum, India
Kesavadev Trust organised a free get together of type 1 diabetes subjects under treatment at Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Center, Trivandrum.Venue: Hotel Maurya Rajadhani, Statue, Trivandrum.Kids aged from 3 yrs upto 25 yrs and more participated with their parents.Type 1 Diabetics aged more than 40 were also present and shared their experiences living with diabetes from childhood.Subjects came from Trivandrum, Alleppey, Kasargode, Kannur and other places.Dr.Jothydev, Dieticians Geethu and Neethu Annie Simon lectured on various topics which included insulin regimens, carb counting, ISF, hypo management etc., One girl had low sugars during the meeting and was treated promptly offering a lesson for all the others.Patients ranged from those with insulin pumps and also the very poor on free insulins, glucometer strips etc., from Kesavadev trust.Parents and older subjects shared their experiences.Free snacks and lunch were provided to patients and all the caretakers. Jayapalan.A, Director of operations offered vote of thanks. The key take home points: Diabetes is serious , but learn to live with it.Take it easy Be prompt in monitoring and adjusting dosages regularly Meet the treatment team regularly Never be depressed: live a normal life
3 yr old Sona sleeping on father's shoulder
Susan aged 42 yrs sharing her views(diabetic since 12 yrs)
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