June 8, 2009: American Diabetes Association, New Orleans, USA

Speaker: Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev
Topic: CGM in Type 2 diabetes helps fine tuning of sugars and improve quality of life:

Real time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (RT-CGM) is not yet popular as a routine investigation in diabetes practice. It is gradually emerging as a tool for modifying patient lifestyles and dietary pattern among diabetic patients. CGM unlike glucometers provide a video like record of blood sugars every 5 minutes and display upward and downward trends enabling a educated patient learn in depth on the various factors affecting sugar patterns. One can find their glycemic escalations and dips and could tune their lifestyle without making any significant change in their medicine dosages. Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev CEO & MD, Jothydev’s Diabetes and Research Centre gave a lecture at the ADA 69th Scientific Session held in New Orleans, USA. on the relevance of CGM and its judicious use among the patient mass.

Dr.Charles, Dr.S.Garg, Jothydev
Dr. Jothydev
He underscored the importance of periodic patient education and regular telemedicine based follow up as the two cornerstones in the success of the study which can result in enormous eduction in the cost of treating complications of diabetes in the future.In the study conducted in Trivandrum subjects were followed up via DTMS(Diabetes Tele Management System) which again precludes actual physical visits to hospital but at the same time provided advices on modifying diet, exercise, drugs etc., effectively.
CGM is commonly employed in T1DM subjects to keep track of the hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic excursions. This study gave emphasis on T2DM subjects which constitutes to 96% of the diabetic population in India. So the study is significant as it explores the domain of RT-CGM in T2DM subjects. Repeated CGM evaluations provided the key areas of activity that are to be modulated by the patients such as changes in diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, sex and sleep patterns. With profound improvement the quality of life, many opted for repeated CGM. This helped the physicians to modify the dosages that turns out to be more beneficial than in earlier cases. Repeated CGM evaluations can reduce the use of insulin dosages and hence turns out to be a cost effective lifestyle technique.

This oral presentation on an original research conducted in Kerala, incidentally turned out to be the first one in the 69 years history of ADA, by a research team located in Kerala.

The research team consisted of
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