October 19, 2009:International Diabetes Federation, Montreal, Canada
Speaker: Jothydev Kesavadev
Room: 520
Chair: A.Belton(Canada) and A.Felton(UK)

Dr.Jothydev was invited by IDF to be part of the symposium"Adequate nutrition: Prenatal and postnatal" He spoke on Avoidance of excess weight with Insulin Pumps" Attended upon by thousands of health care professionals from all over the world.

As usual during the question time, the concern raised was mainly on the use of Pumps in type 2 diabetes. The speaker explained the recent original study from JDC, Trivandrum as well as from other centers on the matter. The major factor for the sucess in Pump therapy including weight
loss,is not the economics involved, but the learning skills of the patient and the care taker.

Poster discussion: Jothydev Kesavadev
Chair:Dr.Azad Khan, Bangladesh
Jothydev presented the study by Diabscreen Kerala, Kesavadev Trust revealing why/how lipid lowering therapy is failing in Kerala and how the numbers of those with heart attacks are amazingly increasing. Seen are the pictures.

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