April 21, 2013: SEEK Trivandrum CME

'Fighting Diabetes over 100 years - A journey to the past, present and future' was the topic of the day for Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev at the SEEK Standing together against diabetes CME at Hotel Udaya Suites, Shankumugham Beach road, Trivandrum on 28th April 2013. Dr Jothydev Kesavadev took the audience down the memory lane of the discovery of insulin in 1921 before which diabetes patients used to die of a starvation diet. The present and future of diabetes management were also covered by him in what was called a magnificent deliberation.

Dr. Mathew John (Providence Clinic, Trivandrum), lectured on the transition from oral agents to insulins, Dr. Aneesh Ghosh (Ananthapuri Hospital, Trivandrum) on the management of hyperglycemia in hospitalised patients and Dr. Noble Gracious (Medical College, Trivandrum) on Management of diabetes in CKD patients. The audience constituted mainly of senior Physicians. Sanofi Aventis
supported the educational event.

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