December 4-8, 2011: IDF World Diabetes Congress, Dubai
It was another prestigious moment for Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Centers with three research papers, including an oral presentation being presented at the International Diabetes Federation, World Diabetes Congress held in Dubai from 4-8 Dec 2011. Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev, the only speaker from Kerala, lectured on’ Tele-medicine via DTMS® is cost-effective and satisfactory: still why it fails in the minority with T2DM?’. He impressively enumerated upon the reasons of failure in a minority of patients with diabetes and the reactions of both the genders to high blood glucose values. The study gained a social perspective in the context that the reasons quoted to failure can be projected to a wider canvas of the general population where diabetes treatment miserably fails in the majority. The poster presentation on ‘Acceptability of a home delivered the assessment of lab & vital signs in Diabetes mellitus & its role in treatment motivation’ discussed how a home delivered diabetes evaluation program helped to realize the requirement of timely intervention; diabetes being totally asymptomatic over several years. Another poster presentation on’ Effectiveness of Liraglutide in Routine Clinical Practice: Six Months Follow-Up Data from India’ discussed the benefits of Liraglutide beyond glycemic control. IDF geared up for the largest World Diabetes Conference on record this time with more than 15,000 delegates and scientific and education sessions including symposiums, oral presentations, debates, poster discussions & displays and exhibitions.
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