January 26, 2014: Diabscreen Kerala Free Camp: Pallichal
More than 80 patients participated in the Diabscreen Kerala free diabetes awareness, education and detection camp organized by P.Kesavadev Trust in conjunction with Koikal Neerazhi Nettathara Devi temple at Pallichal on 26th Jan 2014. Investigations including fasting, post prandial blood sugars, cholesterol and anthropometric measurements were performed for all patients. Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev and the diabetes team including dietician Ms.Geethu Sanal and diabetes educators gave advices to the patient. Dr.Jothydev lectured on the management of diabetes based on recommendations by scientific organizations and how unscientific treatments can be dangerous. Dietician explained on healthy diet and lifestyles to be followed by diabetes patients. Free consultation and medicines were provided to all the patients. Mr.K.Rakesh, President, Grama Panchayat inaugurated the camp. Ms.L.Jaya Lathika (Ward member, Pallichal) gave felicitations. Mr. Jayapalan Director, JDC and Ms. Sunitha Jothydev supervised the camp. Mr. Unnikrishnan and Prasad, JDC coordinated the camp.
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