July 27, 2013: JPEF Special CME
Jothydev’s Professional Education Forum CME (JPEF), special CME listened to international speaker for the first time in JPEF when Dr. Wasim Hanif, Diabetes/ Endocrinology - Consultant Physician, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Queens Hospital and Birmingham City University lectured on 'Overcoming barriers of individualizing diabetes management: current evidence.' Dr. Wasim Hanif elaborated all the major guidelines for diabetes management and on the importance on customizing diabetes treatment to achieve goals of therapy. Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev lectured on ‘Artificial Pancreas System: How close are we?’ and gave insights into the advancements in the APS projects. JPEF CMEs are aimed at providing clinical guidance and tips for the physicians, surgeons and other professionals and the team involved in active diabetes care. JPEF motto is 'Diabetes - Let's learn together to save lives'.
Dr. Wasim Hanif also made a facility visit to JDC.

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