March 12, 2015: Blue Breakfast Seminars
The second chapter of 'The Blue Breakfast Seminars', an educational initiative for physicians, had Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev and team presenting 'Brainstorming over Breakfast: 4 Case Discussions' Dr. Arun Shankar, Consultant Diabetologist and Unit Head, JDC Trivandrum, Dr. Ashwin David, Junior Consultant Diabetologist and Ms. Geethu Sanal, Chief Dietitian, JDC lectured presented cases.

Around 50 practising physicians including Dr. Thomas Titus, Dr. Santha Kumari, Dr.Rajalakshmi, etc. participated. Healthy breakfast recipes were also promoted. Sunitha Jothydev coordinated the event. The Blue Breakfast Seminars are an educational initiative to spread the message of healthy breakfast, from Jothydev's Professional Education Forum.

12th March - World Kidney Day, the theme being drink a glass of water and give one too to celebrate kidneys, the doctors symbolically drank water for the health of the kidneys.

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