March 25, 2012: Patient Education Program: JDC 1
Patient Education Program for Type 2 diabetes patients was conducted at JDC 1 on 25th March 2012. The program was attended by nearly 50 patients enrolled with the DTMS® team. Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev educated the patients on the need for treating diabetes intelligently to prevent related complications. Ms. Remya Iyyer (Dietitian, JDC) spoke on diet and lifestyle modifications in diabetes. Diabetes education on injections and glucometers were provided to the patients by Jothydev and Gopika Krishnan. Ms. Geethu Sanal (Chief Dietitian, JDC) and Ms. Aneesa Nizam coordinated the program. Ms. Sunitha Jothydev, executive director organized the event.

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