May 12, 2014: Inauguration of Dengue Awareness Campaign

In the history of any Primary Health Centre in Kerala, a novel awareness program against the deadly dengue infection consisting of songs, magic, dance and drama was launched by the physician and his coworkers at the Pooram Exhibition Auditorium at Thrissur. The entire scientific program intertwined with fun, art and activities were created and directed by Thekkumkara Primary Health Centre physician Dr Sunil Kumar. Dr Jothydev Kesavadev noted diabetologist formally inaugurated the project. 'Mosquito bites result in more than 6 million human deaths in a year globally; far far higher than any death or murder created by an animal or creature on earth' he said.

More than 75% of dengue can be prevented by carefully avoiding the collection of clear water within and outside the premises of our own houses. A collection of water inside ornamented flower pots inside the house, craters in the bark of trees, on the surface of large leaves, containers and coconut husk etc. should be meticulously monitored and eliminated. In 1999, Oxitec introduced genetically modified(GM) mosquitoes. In countries like Malaysia and Brazil, Aedes mosquitoes have been eliminated with GM mosquitoes which when released into the atmosphere, breed with normal female mosquitoes; but the resulting larvae will never develop into normal mosquito, thereby eliminating the entire Aedes population in a given community. Among the chief guest were the noted poet Rafeeq Muhammed and the famous director Babu Narayanan. Thekkumkara Grama Panchayat President Mr. Sunil Jacob offered felicitations. The drama, magic show, songs dance conveyed direct easily conceivable messages on how to eliminate Aedes mosquitoes, importance of evaluating any fever, the seriousness of dengue as a deadly disease and various effective methods of prevention. Prasad, JDC coordinated the event.

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