November 12 to 14, 2010: World Diabetes Day 2010 at JDC, Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, INDIA
As in the previous years World Diabetes day was celebrated as a mega event in JDC. The free camp was inaugurated by Hon Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. Also present were LDF Convenor, Vaikkom Viswam, Sivankutty MLA etc.,More than 200 subjects underwent free laboratory investigations (HbA1c via HPLC, Lipids, Creatinine, SGPT, etc., etc., Free breakfast, snacks, lunch etc., were provided. Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Dr.Arun Shankar, Geethu Sanal, Aneesh Kumar etc., delivered diabetes education interactive lectures.Free physical examinations were also there for all the participants. Seen in the pictures are the "Diabetes Walk", "JDC illuminated in Blue" etc., The event was organised under the leadership of Sunitha Jothydev, Executive Director, JDC
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