November 21-23, 2014: 42nd Annual Conclave of RSSDI, Bangalore
'Insulin pumps in type 1 diabetes' was the topic of Invited lecture for Dr Jothydev Kesavadev at the 42nd Annual Conclave of RSSDI held at KTPO Trade Centre, Whitefied, Bangalore from 21-23, 2014. 'The public health impact of unproven diabetes therapies and the role of education' was an oral presentation by Dr Jothydev. 'Ensuring multi drug compliance in diabetes: role of hospital pharmacy' won oral presentation and was presented by Dr Arun Shankar, Unit Head, JDC Trivandrum. The biggest conference for diabetes research in India, the massive convention saw a massive participation of more than 7000 delegates. Dr K R. Narasimha Setty was the chairperson of the conclave.
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