April 18, 2008: CME talk for doctors, Indian Medical Association
Kottarakkara:Jothydev talks on ""Improving diabetes care: Tips, tools and therapies"

Dr.Hareendra Babu (President, IMA) introduced Dr.Jothydev
Dr.Subbarayan (President), Dr.Venukumar etc., seen
One Qtn & Answer:
Dr.Shibu Eapen: Is there any equipotent dosages described with various
sulfonyl ureas?
Jothydev: No.However some SU like glibenclamide and gliclazide are more
potent than glimepiride. Due to concerns over prevention of ischemic preconditioning it
is better to avoid Glibenclamide in diabetes subjects, diabetes being recognised as a
cardiovascular risk equivalent. Also it is better to administer optimal dosages rather than maximal dosages of SUs and add insulin earlier in the regimen.