Aug 16, 2008: Cardiodiabetology CME at Muthoot Plaza

Dr.Bahulayen and Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev
More than 75 doctors from Trivandrum attended.
Dr.Bahulayen, Cardiologist spoke on Diabetes a Heart disease equivalent condition.

Jothydev spoke on Newer heart friendly treatment strategies in diabetes.

Panel Discussion:
Dr.Madhav Naik, Dr.Aneesh Ghosh,
Dr.Krishnakumar, Dr.Bahulayen and Dr.Jothydev
Program was supported by Novo Nor disk

One Question and Answer:
Dr.Murukesan (Prof. of Medicine) What is the cost of new Insulin pumps?

Jothydev: Medtronic Insulin pumps with real time monitoring systems cost Rs.300, 000. Ordinary ones are cheaper. However once in every 3 days, patient has to change the infusion set.

Dr.Jothydev lecturing on "Newer heart healthy treatment choices for diabetes"
Dr.Bahulayen & Dr.Jothydev during panel discussion
Vijayakrishnan introducing Jothydev
Dr.Krishnakumar, Cardiologist
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