Aug 30, 2008: CME talk by Jothydev: Kannur Physicians Club.

Topic: Insulin Pumps: Kerala Experience
Venue: Hotel Royal Omars
Introduction: Dr.Sabeer T.K (Diacare, Kannur)
Chair: Dr.S V Harris (Rasheeda Clinic, Kannur)
Dr.Jayanand handed over the memento to Jothydev.

Dr.Jothydev spoke to doctors at Kannur, North Kerala on the basics of Insulin pumps and his experience over the past 3 years using it in hundreds of patients(from both within India and
abroad) at JDC, Trivandrum.His talk was followed by a very active interactive session.

One selected question:
(PG student, Pariyaram Medical College)
Which is the best insulin for the pump? Why can't you use long acting analogs?

Answer by Jothydev Kesavadev

The pump delivers Insulin subcutaneously all the time-CSII mimicking pancreatic insulin secretion. Rapid acting analogue insulin is the best.We can pre program the basal delivery so that the rapid acting insulin is delivered according to the individual requirements and provides a continuous flow.Never use Mixtard, Novomix, Lantus or Levemir in the pump. Among the insulins currently available in India, the best according to various studies is aspart or Novorapid.Lispro can cause pump infusion set

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