September 09, 2006 - Poovar Island Resort, CME for doctors

The annual TOFID (Together we fight diabetes) CME programme for doctors in general practice was organized by USV this year at Poovar Island Resort, Trivandrum. Dr Jothydev’s talk was chaired by Dr KV Krishnadas. ( Dr KV Krishnadas is the former Director of Medicine, Medical College, Trivandrum. His textbook of medicine is followed by hundreds of Medical Colleges all over India. He is best known as the father

of modern medicine in Kerala.) Dr Jothydev delivered a lecture on Indian guidelines for Type-2 diabetes. Dr Mathew John and Dr Nishanth spoke in the same session on oral drugs and insulins.

One question and answer

Qn. Dr KV Krishnadas: - Alternative systems of medicine are being used by a lot of patients for treatment of diabetes. We have also due respect for all the systems alike. What is your opinion on the same?

Answ. Jothydev: - It is a fact that many patients are using other medications with and without modern medicines for treating their diabetes. Some of these medications have sufficient scientific evidence and are published in indexed journals in PubMed. Most of the medicines used in modern medicine have their origin from plants. Metformin has its actual origin from a plant called French lilac. The active ingredient in it is guanidine and later metformin was developed based on this principle (biguanide)

More scientific studies are required to evaluate the locally available indigenous preparations. We have to attain normal sugars, blood pressure and cholesterol and at the same time there should not be any serious adverse effects of these medications on the liver and kidney.