July 26, 2011: Felicitations at the 50th Anniversary of Mudavanmugal Government School
At a public program organized in connection with the 50th Anniversary of the Mudavanmugal Government School, Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev and 3 others were honored for their exceptional and outstanding contribution to the society. Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev was felicitated for his eminence as a multi-faceted personality, both as a diabetologist and as a researcher. His popularity as a doctor with social outlook earned him this honor. The public of his neighbourhood appreciated the efforts of Dr. Jothydev for spreading awareness about diabetes through the Diabscreen Kerala Camps. Among the others who were honored included eminent Architect G.Shankar, Ms.C.Celin, a well known name in the teaching profession and Mr. Aneesh Shekhar , rank holder of the Civil Service Exams, all being residents of the locality. Mr. V.Sivankutty inaugurated the function and Ward Counsellor O.S.Chandralekha chaired the public program.
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