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February 22, 2020: Patient Education Program


Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Center, in association with P.Kesavadev Trust, organized a Patient Education Program on 22nd February at Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Center, Trivandrum. This was an awareness program on type 2 diabetes. The welcome speech was offered by Mr.Jayapalan Nair, Director, JDC. Ms.Viji, Dietician, JDC, started the session with a talk on 'diet for type 2 diabetes patients'. The second session was offered by Ms.Sherin on physiotherapy and exercises for type 2 patients. This was followed by an interactive session on type 2 diabetes by Dr.Arun Shankar and Dr.Yaseen Unes. Ms.Akhila, Nurse, JDC took class on insulin techniques. A total of 50 including around 30 patients attended the program.

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