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Dr.M S Valiathan talks to Dr.Jothydev:Health and Medical Education in Kerala
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20 June 2020: Dia Vcon 2020


Dia Vcon 2020 was conducted virtually on 20th and 21stJune 2020. The two day virtual convention was inaugurated by Union minister Dr.Jitendra Singh and IDF president, Dr.Andrew Boulton.Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev gave a lecture on 'Integrated Personalized Diabetes Management- a Novel Tool for the Management of Diabetes' during the technical session along with two renowned speakers from United Kingdom, Dr.Pratik Chaudhary and Dr.Iain Cranston, on Saturday, 20th June 2020.The session was chaired by Dr.Anand Moses and Dr.Tejas Shah. The organising chairman was Dr.Banshi Saboo.

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