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September 12-13, 2020: RSSDI Diabetes and Technology Conference


RSSDI Diabetes and Technology Task Force organized, 'Diabetes and Technology'- a unique symposium where all major technical advances in diabetes care were discussed by inventors, developers, researchers, and experienced users. Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev was part of the organizing team and he was among the panelist for the discussion, 'Who will use SMBG 5 Years from now?' along with Dr.Julien Boisdron, Dr.Mike Grady, Mr.Michael Smith, Dr.Manoj Chawla on 12 September 2020, moderated by Dr.Sujoy Ghosh and Dr.Jaiprakash Sai. He also chaired a session on 13 September 2020, along with Dr.Shalini Jaggi and the speakers of the session were Dr.Ohad Cohen, Dr.Ian Thompson, and Dr.Julia Mader.

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