November 2nd, 2008 - Symposium on Insulin Pump Therapy and CGMS for doctors in India.
Accord Metropolitan
Co Chair:
Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev,
Speakers: Dr.Ian Blumer (Canada) and Dr.Scott W Lee(california) live video conference. Other centers in India also participated.­Mumbai (Dr.Chandalia and team), Hyderabad (Dr.P V Rao, Dr.Sasthri and team), Delhi (Dr.Wangoo, DrArya and team), Culcutta, Ludhiana etc.,
Dr. Ramachandran(Chennai ), Jothydev.K (Trivandrum)
Dr.Blumer(Canada), Dr.Scott Lee (USA) right
Dr.Ian Blumer (Ontario) sitting in USA for video conference
Dr.Scott Lee, sitting in USA
Dr.Johnny Kannampally,Kochi, Dr.Jose, Kodungallur
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