October 18th, and 19th 2008 CME talk for doctors: Bangalore

Venue: Golden Palms Spa, Resort
N.Karnataka regional diabetes update by Novo Nordisk
Speakers: Dr.A.K Das(JIPMER, Pondicherry)
Dr.Harinarayana(Bangalore), Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev(Trivandrum)
Dr.Dinakaran(Nephrologist, Madurai), Dr.Prasanna Kumar(novo), Dr.Vinay Prusty(Novo), Dr.Praful etc.,

Selected question and Answer

Question from one doctor:
You are known as the number one user of Insulin Pumps nation wide. In the absence of set guidelines, what are your criteria to deploy a pump in a type 2 diabetes patient?

Answer by Dr.Jothydev
Three years back when I started with pumps I used to deploy pumps in T2DM patients if they were affordable and requiring insulin.Now we have ourselves as I have shown in my slides published our experiences on using pumps in T2DM in India.Affordability is never the most important criteria since learning skills, home glucose monitoring, responsible care taker etc., are all mandatory. Pumps are not like insulins or medications, but only advanced delivery devices which should be used by skilled personnel with fully trained team working along with them.

Question from one doctor:
Are you using oral drugs along with pump therapy in T2DM?

Ans by Jothydev

Yes. In our abstract available at ADA web site we have clearly stated that. The requirement of insulin comes down with sensitisers and SU.More over we have to address the pathophysiology of T2DM, which is primarily insulin resistance and later on insulin secretory defect.

Dr.A.K Das, Dr.Vinay Prusty(Novo)
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